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Welcome to Zagreb!

Društvo turističkih vodiča Zagreba i Srednjohrvatske makroregije, vodeći je davatelj usluga licenciranih turističkih vodiča od 1973. godine. Turističkim agencijama, manjim i srednjim grupama posjetitelja nudimo usluge više od 100 licenciranih vodiča na 20 različitih jezika.

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Feel the joy of visit with our licensed guides who are going to show you Zagreb and its hidden treasures! Zagreb Tourist Guides Association is the leading provider of licenced tourist guide services since 1973.
Zagreb Tourist Guides Association is the leading provider of professional tourist guides since 1973.

A great choice of guides

We offer services of more than 100 licensed tourist guides, academically educated professionals who will make your sightseeing tour of Zagreb (and its closer and further surroundings) an unforgetable experience.

20 različitih jezika

Alphabetical list of foreign languages ​​we offer: Albanian, Czech, Chinese, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Lithuanian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Turkish.

Medal of the city of Zagreb

Our Association is a winner of the Zagreb City Medal 2015 for exceptional contribution in promoting culture, local heritage and tourism, as well as for remarkable success and sustainable operation!

Sign language

As part of our offer, we provide tourist guide services in international sign language so that all visitors get the same quality of service.

Perfect quality/price ratio

Licensed, experienced and skillfull guides who will give you an enchanting view of the city with perfect quality and affordable price.

Satisfied visitors

It is our goal to provide you with exceptional service and unforgettable moments in our city

Programi razgleda Zagreba i okolice

U ponudi imamo standardni razgled grada u trajanju od 1,2,3 ili više sati. Pored toga, organiziramo tematske razglede Zagreba i njegove okolice u skladu s Vašim interesima i potrebama.