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Are you enjoying this magical feeling? This is exactly what awaits you in King Tomislav Square – a magical winter idyll on ice. With good music playing in the background, you can enrich your outdoor ice skating experience with the fragrance and flavor of a variety of culinary delights, as well as numerous cultural events for both children and adults. You still haven't opened your eyes and put on ice skates? Don't worry, our experienced skating instructors will wake you up! Your fairy tale is real – it takes place right between the Art Pavilion and the statue of the first Croatian king, Tomislav.


An escape from everyday life to the park with an alley of 220 plane trees is equally magical in all seasons. But it is only during the Advent season that these large boughs light up with a special glow and the old music pavilion becomes a haven for lovers of Christmas classics and waltzes. When you think of Christmas, do you think of your childhood and family gatherings around the Christmas tree, Christmas songs and the fragrance of your grandma's dishes? If you want to truly relive those happy memories, the Advent on Zrinjevac is the perfect place for you. Apart from enjoying unique Christmas ornaments and handmade souvenirs from selected local artisans, you will have the opportunity to revel in the traditional – almost forgotten – Zagreb specialties as well. Yes, we are talking here about the well-known krpice sa zeljem (pasta with cabbage), a staple of Zagreb cuisine. And don't worry, there'll be plenty of strudels as well. A Christmas fairy tale can commence!


Strossmayer square in the heart of Zagreb, between Zrinjevac and Tomislav square, during the Advent season, is becoming a colourful vivid canvas. Discover entertainment, food, magic, dreams and, above all, a lot of fun.


Look no further! The European Square pedestrian zone, situated in the very heart of the city, becomes a favorite meeting place for young people during the Advent season. A rich offer of concerts, attractions and exhibitions – on par with other European cities – makes this place a must-see location for all those looking for a good time. Feeling young and preferring a real 'urban flair'? Then this is the place for you!


The imaginative scenography that became the trademark of the last year's Advent in Zagreb will be upgraded and we will show all visitors a real fairy-tale Christmas magic in downtown Zagreb.



Embrace your loved one while you are walking through the discreet passage that runs between Gajeva Street and Praška Street, under intertwined white branches decorated by led-lights that point the way to the splendor of other attractions.


Wander into an old film studio, where you will feel like the leading actor or actress on the set of a Christmas film while the Europa Cinema shows Christmas films for all generations.




Discover ancient Zagreb and experience the spirit of the oldest parts of the city, the neighboring districts of Gradec and Kaptol and the oldest street in Zagreb! The artisans' workshops and their ancient crafts and the sounds of old Zagreb songs will momentarily flash you back to the past of the old Zagreb, allowing you to take your own special photograph and send it out to the world.


When we dream of Advent and Christmas holidays, we think of fine food, shiny lights and beautiful decorations, of joyful music, all to be enjoyed in the company of people we care about the most. The Upper Town in Zagreb has a spot for all of your holiday dreams to come true, a place where you can enjoy good company and good fun. Advent at Stross is like a small town in its own right, catering to all your needs, body and mind. Come and live your holiday dream in the most romantic spot in Zagreb's Upper Town, enjoy daily concerts and DJ entertainment, bring your children to have fun at weekend art workshops, pamper yourself with great food and drink and enjoy the most amazing views of Zagreb for an unforgettable holiday experience.