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Advent u Zagrebu

Save the best... for December!


The sound of Christmas bells, the scent of gingerbread, mulled wine and various other delicacies... Just forget everything and enjoy all these wonderful things! During the Advent season, Zagreb offers a variety of events that will satisfy even the most demanding visitors. Plenty of fun, excellent food, unique events, art, but also a genuine Christmas atmosphere, await you on the streets of Croatia's capital. Don't wait for Santa sitting by your fireplace, find him in the city! Make sure you polish your boots before you go because we have in store for you a number of pleasant surprises, including the musical program which will make you want to dance all night long!

Ready, set ... Advent in Zagreb!


The program of events of Advent in Zagreb

See what the City of Zagreb offers during the Advent Season


Close your eyes. Imagine that you do an impressive show in the spectacular Leden Park, the largest and most beautiful ice rink in this part of Europe.


One of the most popular and most beautiful symbols of Zagreb, Zrinjevac Park is the perfect place to rest not only your body, but your soul as well.


A world of magic at Strossmayer square.


Are you looking for a good time amidst young creative people, and at the same time want to see a good movie, warm yourself with a cup of mulled wine or simply find a nice Christmas souvenir?


Winter magic is back at the central city square with a new edition of Zagreb Christmas Tale.


Enjoy the Christmas atmosphere with a view of the city!

Cest is d' best

The Cest is d' best festival is the first street festival in Zagreb, established in 1997 – through years it developed an international character. Every year through seven stages, amazing artists of different talents manage to warmly awaken the playfulness of Zagrebs streets and squares.

A multidisciplinary concept allows the festival to be enriched by different types of programs like – performer, musical, sports, art and children related, also through concepts like street theatre.

When you transform your city into a big stage, and all it's space into a canvas, by letting the artists and townpeople to act freely and awake its song and colors through creativity and art – you get CEST IS D' BEST.





World Festival of Animated Film Zagreb (Croatian: Svjetski festival animiranog filma), also known as Animafest Zagreb, is a film festival entirely dedicated to animated film held annually in Zagreb, The festival was launched on the basis of the decision of the Executive Committee of ASIFA, the International Association of Animated Film, 1969, and the founding acts of the production company "Zagreb Film" and the City of Zagreb. The location was selected by ASIFA, giving recognition to the world's success and reputation of the Zagreb School of Cartoon Film during the 1950s and 1960s. Animafest is the second oldest living animation festival behind the Annecy Festival.

The idea to create the event came about because of the worldwide acclaim of animated shorts produced by authors belonging to the Zagreb School of Animated Films in the 1950s and 1960s. Zagreb’s candidacy for holding a permanent animated film festival was accepted at the 1969 ASIFA meeting in London.

The festival slogan Z ... is for Zagreb (Z ... means Zagreb) was created by film writer and critic Ron Holloway. The festival logo and first bill are the work of Borivoja Dovniković Borde and Zlatko Bourek. The festival mascot Mandlek, a man with polucilindrum that appears in several Croatian animated films, is historically best known in the form designed by Zvonimir Lončarić, a long-time author of the festival posters. The festival jazz is a work by jazz musician Igor Savin.

Festival awards include prizes given in the Short film Competition, Feature film Competition, Student Film Competition, Children Films, Site-specific competition and Croatian competition. Its Prize for "Best First Production Apart from Educational Institutions" is named in honour of Zlatko Grgić. The Lifetime Achievement Award, which is unique for animation film festivals, was established in 1986. An award for outstanding contribution to the theory of animation was added in 2002.

The festival will have the 29th edition for more locations in Zagreb from 3rd to 8th of June 2019 year.

Grand Prize winners
From 1972 to 2004 Animafest was a biennial event focused on animated short films, held every even year with the exception of 1976. Between 2005 and 2015 a feature film festival edition was introduced and held every odd year in between the short film editions. In 2015 the shorts and feature selections were merged into one event, scheduled to be held every year.

The International Folklore Festival

The International Folklore Festival is the most eminent manifestation of so called the original folklore in Croatia, or folklore amateur dedicated to nurturing and displaying native heritage.

The International Folklore Festival has been held in Zagreb since 1966 with objective to present and affirm traditional culture and folklore of numerous local and international participants from all continents. It continues the old tradition of festivals organised from time in between the two World Wars. It gathers a wide public and folklore connoisseurs for decades. Nowadays, it has become a part of the global movement led by the UNESCO that aims to safeguard and promote the intangible cultural heritage. In 2014, the Croatian Ministry of Culture and the City of Zagreb pronounced it as a festival of national significance.

The 53rd IFF will present the theme VIA THE KAROLINA AND LUJZIJANA HISTORICAL ROADS TO RIJEKA to meet the next year's European Capital of Culture and its program will be comprised of stage performances all around the city, music and dance workshops, folk theatre, ethno music concerts and church folk singing.

The diversity of Croatian ethnographic heritage will present thirty folklore groups while 15 ensembles will represent the heritage of other peoples and cultures.

Tvrtko Zebec, artistic director