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10 000 Zagreb, Pavla Šubića 20/III; 
tel: +385 1 4817 022; fax: +385 1 4921 647 
MB 03239489  – OIB 88846676232 
žiro račun 2360000-1101477693, Zagrebačka banka d.d., Zagreb; IBAN HR 3623600001101477693,   Swift code ZABA HR 2X


Razgled Grada Zagreba

1-10 osoba
1 sat – 550 kn
2 sata – 650 kn
3 sata – 700 kn
11-30 osoba
1 sat – 600 kn
2 sata – 700 kn
3 sata – 750 kn
više od 30 osoba
1 sat – 650 kn
2 sata – 750 kn
3 sata – 800 kn

Tourist guide to the Central Croatian Macoregion

Half-day trip (up to 6 hours)
750,00 kn
Whole-day trip (up to 12 hours)
950,00 kn
Several days trip - tour (per day)
850,00 kn

 School children groups from Croatia 

Razgled grada do 3 sata – za grupu do 30 osoba
550,00 kn
Half-day trip (up to 6 hours)
650,00 kn
Whole-day trip (up to 12 hours)
700,00 kn

 Ostale usluge: prema dogovoru 

Pursuant to Article 90 Paragraphs 1 and 2 of the VAT Act, VAT is not charged. .

PAYMENT METHODS find out here.

See the MEETING PLACE and guides section here.

1. Guiding in 2 foreign languages - the price is 50% higher. Tourist guide is not supposed to guide in more than 2 foreign languages at the same time.
2. Only one tourist guide is supposed to be a guide in a bus. In case that the tourist guide should be a guide for 2 buses, the price will be 50% increased.
3. Tourist guide is supposed to wait 1 hour for the guests.
4. If the meeting or leaving point is more than 10 km far from the city centre, besides the travel costs the tourist guide is entitled in that case to the transfer fee too.
5. During the whole tour the tourist guide is entitled to all hotel, restaurant and other services that the guests make use of.
6. Order can be cancelled up to 24 hours before beginning of the service, in that case the price is reduced 50%.
7. Order should be placed at least 24 hours before beginning of the service. Otherwise we cannot guarantee to find a guide.
8. In case of a change in the EUR exchange rate in excess of 3% in relation to the exchange rate on 1 January 2016 or in the event of a change in the legal
provisions relating to the manner of paying taxes and contributions to other income, we reserve the right to align service prices.


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